Why big brands need to invest in their own communities

Piet Kleeßen

Do big brands lack long-term commitment to web3? 🤔

While it's great to see brands entering the web3 space at all, there seems to be a missed opportunity for big brands to fully leverage the potential of this emerging technology. Perhaps they are hesitant to invest in their own communities or don't fully understand the benefits of doing so.

By collaborating with established web3 projects, big brands are able to benefit from the utility and innovation of these projects. However, in doing so, they may be missing out on the opportunity to establish their own unique presence and voice within the web3 community.

In contrast, we can look at successful brands like Lacoste, Prada, and Lamborghini, who have recognized the importance of creating their own community. By doing so, they have been able to establish a more direct relationship with their customers and create a loyal following.

This type of long-term strategy for growth not only differentiates these brands from their competitors but also provides them with a more sustainable path to success. Investing in your own community allows for the development of a strong brand identity and the ability to control the narrative around your products or services.

So why not follow in the footsteps of these successful brands? Don't wait for others to create opportunities for your brand. Instead, think long-term and invest in building your own community, and see the benefits for yourself!

The content was primarily produced for Linkedin, enhanced with the help of AI and published here on the metavalue micro-blog.
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Image Source: Prada Timecapsule

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