The status quo of Web3 in the DACH region

Piet Kleeßen

Web3 technology, which encompasses various concepts such as decentralization, smart contracts, and NFTs, is gaining more and more traction in the DACH region. As a result, an increasing number of businesses and individuals are starting to explore the potential of these decentralized technologies, and some have already begun to integrate them into their everyday operations.

Here are 15 examples of best practices from DACH companies integrating web3 within their projects to stay ahead of time:

⛓ Daimler has developed a blockchain-platform for its supply chain.

👕 AboutYou created a digital fashion brand called HYPEWEAR.

🚘 Volkswagen celebrates the arrival of its ID BUZZ with a collection of NFTs.

🔨 Siemens is using blockchain to streamline its business processes.

🌱 Bayer is using web3 to create "smart farms" that are more efficient and productive.

👟 Adidas is using NFTs within their well-known project: Into the Metaverse.

🤍 Audi released a charity NFT Project named UNSEEN UNIVERSE.

🎶 BMW turned their engine sound into an NFT with their museum of sound.

🙏 Beiersdorf NIVEA launches free NFT art about the sense of touch.

🏎️ Red Bull Racing released NFTs for fans to get even closer to the team .

🦄 Katjes released their NFT collection “Wunderland”  to provide more value for their customers.

📯 Österreichische Post AG published reinterpretations of the rarest stamp in Europe the “Red Mercury”.

🥃 Jägermeister launched NFTs to offer their community the possibility to experience the brand in a completely new environment!

🐷 Sparkasse published their first Web3 project for the world savings day, called “Toni Token”, to familiarize Sparkasse customers with NFTs.

💄 Kiehl launched their “Kiehl Originals”, a free genesis NFT collection for members of their loyalty program.

The content was primarily produced for Linkedin, enhanced with the help of AI and published here on the metavalue micro-blog.
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Image Source: Volkswagen South Africa

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